Should you buy more Memeinator tokens as Bitcoin slips below $37k?

Key takeaways The cryptocurrency market has been bearish since the start of the week, with Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies trading in the red zone. However, the Memeinator presale has just hit a new milestone and is set to go higher.  Bitcoin and altcoins underperform Bitcoin and altcoins have been underperforming over the last few days. […]

AI tokens surge following Musk’s X Corp unveiling of xAI shareholding

Musk’s announcement of a 25% stake in xAI for X Corp shareholders, along with Grok chatbot testing, sparks AI token surge. The AI tokens are also responding to the ouster of Sam Altman from OpenAI. Altman is now headed to Microsoft. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-focused tokens experienced a significant boost over the weekend, propelled by key […]

7 best DeFi crypto tokens to 10x

In DeFi, discovering tokens with the potential for significant returns is similar to finding a diamond in the rough. Within the labyrinth of the DeFi market, certain trailblazers are shifting paradigms, holding the promise of exponential financial gains and pioneering shifts in the Web3 ecosystem.  Use cases range from platforms reshaping the traditional method of […]

Should Investors Buy More Shiba Memu Tokens

TL;DR The cryptocurrency market has been bearish over the weekend. The prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are in the red zone as sellers continue to be in firm control of the market. However, Shiba Memu’s presale continues to break records and has now surpassed the $3.2 million mark.  Bitcoin drops to the $26k level […]

trillions of tokens sent to exchanges

At press time, PEPE was trading at $0.0000008854, down 18.06% in 24 hours. The token dropped to a low of $0.0000008058 after news of trillions of token movement emerged on August 24. The tokens were moved to Binance and OKX among two other major exchanges. On Wednesday morning, PepeCoin (PEPE) plunged after millions of dollars […]

Prediction markets tokens rise as other tokens dip: Gnosis, Augur price outlook

Bitcoin has suffered its worst weekly percentage loss since the collapse of FTX. Some of the factors behind the dip include reports of SpaceX selling its BTC holdings and the Chinese property giant Evergrande bankruptcy filing. Top prediction markets tokens have maintained a bullish trend amid the crypto meltdown. In what has caught most crypto […]

Why are Bitcoin transaction fees rising, and what are BRC-20 tokens?

Key Takeaways BRC-20 tokens were launched on Bitcoin in March 2023 Transaction fees spiked to all-time highs in May 2023 as network activity spiked Bringing memes and NFTs to Bitcoin has caused controversy Some argue the rising fees are vital to the security of the network, while others scoff at the activity for getting away […]

BRC-20 tokens have flaws and issues, Mintlayer CEO says

Bitcoin BRC-20 tokens have skyrocketed over the past few days, with their combined market value rising to over $923 million as of 8 May, 2023. Mintlayer CEO Enrico Rubboli has highlighted some of the flaws and issues plaguing the BRC-20 token standard. Apart from not aligning with the “axioms of the core Bitcoin community,” flaws […]

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