Mark Cuban: Inflationary Pressure Could See Bitcoin Become Global Reserve

Inflationary pressure and geopolitical uncertainty could see Bitcoin become a global reserve currency, states Cuban The billionaire believes Trump’s lower tax rates and tariffs could push up Bitcoin’s price Elon Musk plans to commit $45m a month to back Trump’s presidential run US billionaire Mark Cuban believes that through a combination of inflationary pressure and […]

StarkWare verifies first zero-knowledge proof on Bitcoin

StarkWare has verified the first zero-knowledge (ZK) proof on the Bitcoin. It’s part of the core Starknet developer’s plans to scale Bitcoin for mass adoption. StarkWare has achieved a historic feat by completing the first zero-knowledge proof verification on the Bitcoin network, according to the details posted on X on Wednesday. The blockchain developer revealed […]

Crypto gambling — how does the future of secure gambling look?

Online gambling is a huge part of the casino world, but there is a small percentage of players who worry about its security — welcome, cryptocurrency casinos. It’s 2024, and although crypto casinos are nothing new, there is a wide range of some of the huge household names now utilizing this form of payment to […]

Mt. Gox moves Bitcoin worth nearly $2.8 billion

Mt.Gox has moved over 44,500 BTC worth over $2.8 billion to an internal wallet. The price of BTC fell slightly after the transfer, retreating to around $62,835. On-chain data shows a wallet linked to Mt. Gox has just moved more than $2.8 billion worth of Bitcoin. The huge transfer comes as Bitcoin price looks to […]

Messier AI GPU Nodes: Refining GPU Resource Management Using AI

A Gateway to Streamlined and Secure AI Operations Messier AI GPU Nodes represents a groundbreaking platform designed to redefine the management and utilization of computational resources with artificial intelligence. By integrating cutting-edge AI technology, Messier Nodes delivers an intuitive and economical solution for operating machine learning and deep learning models, ensuring high quality and cost-efficiency […]

Core Scientific the first buyer of Block’s 3nm Bitcoin mining ASICs

Core Scientific buys Block’s 3nm Bitcoin ASICs in a major deal between the two companies. The deal boosts Core Scientific’s hash rate by 60%, enhancing efficiency and profitability. The deal between Block and Core Scientific aims to redefine Bitcoin mining standards, leveraging advanced ASICs. Jack Dorsey’s financial services company Block has finalized a major deal […]

Bitcoin retreats as German government selling intensifies

Bitcoin (BTC) price fell to under $56,000 as the German government sold more BTC On-chain data shows Germany sent more than 16,000 BTC to exchanges on Monday – the largest transfers in a single day. Bitcoin price fell below $56,000 again on Monday, dropping by about 2% at the time of writing as Germany took […]

Metaplanet loads more bitcoins with 42,466 BTC purchase

Metaplanet, a Japanese firm, increases Bitcoin holdings with $2.5M purchase. Metaplanet now holds 203,734 BTC, acquired at $62,000 per Bitcoin on average. This latest acquisition brings Metaplanet’s total Bitcoin holdings to an impressive 203,734 BTC. In a bold move amidst fluctuating cryptocurrency markets, Metaplanet, a publicly-listed investment and consulting firm based in Japan, has purchased […]

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