Bitcoin hits a new all-time high at $69,170: Will altcoins follow suit?

Key takeaways Bitcoin reached a new all-time high price of $69,170 on Tuesday and altcoins could follow soon. AltSignals’ ASI token is up by 17% in the last 24 hours and could rally higher soon Bitcoin sets a new all-time high Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency by market cap, has set a new all-time high […]

3 altcoins to watch this week: Polygon, Frax and Memeinator

Polygon (MATIC) rebranding to POL could be a bullish catalyst. Frax (FXS) is launching its layer-2 blockchain, potentially buoying price outlook. Memeinator (MMTR) presale has reached stage 15 as meme coin looks to dominate market upon launch. The past week saw cryptocurrencies surge as Bitcoin broke above $48,000. While BTC price has retreated below the […]

Altcoins to watch amid US notice to sell $130M in BTC from Silk Road

The US government has issued a notice on the sale of over $130 million in BTC linked to Silk Road. Court documents indicate this includes 2,874 BTC seized from drug trafficker Ryan Farace and 58 BTC from convicted law enforcement agent Sean Bridges. BTC price remained near $40k, but market is watching Ethereum, Solana. Crypto […]

These altcoins are poised for growth amid recent Bitcoin decline causing $83M liquidations

Bitcoin’s recent dip below $40,000 triggered $83 million in liquidations. Cardano (ADA) stands resilient, leading in development and boasting a diverse ecosystem. Optimism (OP) gains momentum with the rising adoption of L2 solutions. The cryptocurrency market is navigating turbulent waters as Bitcoin’s recent price decline triggered nearly $83 million in liquidations. The impact of this […]

Is 2024 the year of Altcoins?

There is increasing speculation about the possible surge of altcoins, in 2024 A new altcoin, NuggetRush, is making waves for combining gaming and finance in a play-to-earn game.  NuggetRush players mine gold, offering a unique crypto investment opportunity. In the expanding world of cryptocurrencies, there is increasing speculation about the possible surge of alternative coins, […]

SEI, TIA, and Bittensor lead altcoins surge; Everlodge brings Airbnb opportunities to web3

Recent network upgrade propels Celestia’s (TIA) demand. SEI hits an all-time high at $0.295, showcasing a remarkable 151% monthly surge. Everlodge (ELDG) redefines real estate investment bringing AirBnb opportunities to Web3. In the dynamic landscape of the cryptocurrency market, altcoins are making significant strides, capturing investor attention and defying Bitcoin’s dominance. Notable performers include Sei […]

Bitcoin offers hope along with these undervalued altcoins

TLDR Bitcoin’s track record and exciting future developments offer investors hope. Solana and NuggetRush are undervalued cryptocurrencies to consider for investment. NuggetRush is a promising ICO project, expected to increase by 100% during its presale phase and by 2,000% after launch. Bitcoin (BTC) is often used interchangeably with cryptocurrency. This is because it is the […]

Bitcoin’s dominance level now above 50% as altcoins underperform

Key takeaways Bitcoin’s market dominance now stands above 50% as Ether and other major altcoins underperform. The broader crypto market is currently bearish due to the geopolitical uncertainty in the Middle East. Bitcoin’s market dominance now stands at 50.3% Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency by market cap, has seen its market dominance increase in recent […]

Coinbase adds HNT, BLUR, ARB and four other altcoins for Germany users

Crypto exchange Coinbase has listed 8 tokens accessible on and mobile HNT, BLUR, ARB, EGLD, 00, AUDIO, LDO, ATA  are now tradable on Coinbase in Germany. Dogecoin continues to outperform the market after X news. Coinbase, the leading US-based cryptocurrency exchange, has made a special announcement touching on eight altcoins. The crypto exchange’s announcement […]

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