Will BTC go back up soon?

Bitcoin price has come under intense pressure in the past few months as investors get extremely fearful about the industry. BTC plunged to a low of $15,718, which is significantly lower than its all-time high of near $70,000. It has fallen by over 26% from its highest level this month, crashing its total market cap […]

Bitcoin BTC prediction as the token continues to stall

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) may have settled above $15,000, but the pressure is mounting. As of press time, the cryptocurrency was trading at $16,623, losing 1.32% on the day. BTC is also largely consolidating rather than making a directional move. A technical outlook shows a potential decline to the next low. Bitcoin’s price action comes when data […]

Shiba Inu lags behind while ETH, BTC, ADA take front stage on Binance

Over the last couple of months, the prominent meme coin Shiba Inu ($SHIB) was seen dominating the entire crypto industry. However, the fervor around this community-driven project seemed to be simmering down. Despite the launch of its recent collectible card game, the altcoin barely garnered any gains. It seems like Binance users weren’t too curious […]