UK High Court Judge rules against Craig Wright over Bitcoin copyright claims

The UK High Court has delivered a damning verdict against Craig Wright, a controversial figure claiming to be the elusive creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Judge James Mellor, in a written judgment, asserted that Wright had lied “extensively and repeatedly” throughout the trial, further accusing him of presenting “fabricated” evidence to support his claims. COPA […]

Blast founder denies Ponzi scheme claims as TVL rockets past $400 million

Blast was supported by a $20Ms investment from notable backers like Paradigm and Standard Crypto at launch. Blast is facing Ponzi scheme claims. Roquerre clarifies that Blast’s 4 to 5% yield comes from reputable platforms like Lido and MakerDAO. In a recent twist of events, Blast has faced scrutiny and Ponzi scheme claims. However, the […]

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