Crypto markets rallying but damage remains severe

Key Takeaways Bitcoin is up close to 50% from its lows, but is still down over two-thirds from all-time highs Some on-chain metrics show how much the rally pales in comparison to the prior fall  Positive news from the industry remains few and far between, as market prepares for latest interest rate policy, to be […]

Crypto stocks outlook ahead of FOMC meeting

Bitcoin miners Core Scientific rose 33% as stocks of Bitfarms, Stronghold Digital, CleanSpark all ended the past week higher. Coinbase and Robinhood shares also rose as Bitcoin broke above $23,000. FOMC meeting is this week and the market reaction will be key to what next for Bitcoin and crypto stocks. A number of crypto-related stocks […]

The market saw over 340,000 NFT buyers as crypto rallied

NFT buyers last week rose to 348,426, about 41% up on the previuos week. NFT sales volume also rose, with more than $244 million in sales last week representing a 5.4% increase. Sales (USD) volume and buyers increased in tandem with Bitcoin price hitting levels above $23,000. Non-fungible token (NFT) data from last week shows […]

Half a billion dollars of short sellers liquidated in biggest crypto rally in 9 months

Key Takeaways The cryptocurrency market cap is back above $1 trillion following the biggest surge in 9 months  Half a billion dollars of short sales were liquidated over the weekend, the most in three months Bitcoin is back above $21,000, Ethereum above $1,500, while altcoins have soared Despite powerful bounce, the market is still down […]

Bitcoin and AI: Artificial Intelligence in Crypto

The global AI market is forecast to grow $1394.30 billion in 2023. Investors and traders can tap into AI to benefit from features such as automation and accuracy. Bitcoin and AI also have the capacity to combat frauds in transactions across global markets. Have you ever thought that where technology will extend us, either intelligent […]

Crypto prices surge via strongest rally in 9 months, but why?

Key Takeaways Bitcoin is back in the 20s, Ethereum has crossed $1,500 and altcoins are powering north in what is the biggest crypto rally in 9 month Optimism that Federal Reserve will pivot off high interest policy sooner than expected, following cooler inflation data Next big day for crypto markets is February 1st, when the […]

Its the calm before the storm in crypto markets

Key Takeaways Crypto volatility has come down and extreme on-chain activity subsided in period of relative calm Several concerning developments around Genesis, Gemini and DCG are still ongoing, however Volatility could also spark up once the US inflation data is revealed this week Period is reminiscent of the low drama environment pre-FTX in October    […]

BONK price action spells trouble after becoming an overnight crypto sensation.

Bonk token launched on December 25, 2022 The cryptocurrency rose by four-digit percentages after the launch BONK price has cooled and trades on a descent and could claim lower levels Crypto has always treated its fans with twists, turns, and surprises. The crypto community loves it this way, for it becomes a time to make […]

Why are crypto prices rising? 2023 off to hot start

Key Takeaways Crypto markets have jumped to the start the year off positive macro news Next inflation reading is out on Thursday, which will cause further volatility Fight against inflation has long way to go, with investors not out of woods yet Solana has risen 65% since New Year’s Day, but fell drastically prior and […]