Whales Accumulate $50 Million in $LINK as Price Climbs Higher; $GFOX Presale 98% Sold Out

$LINK’s bullish trend continues, and large-scale investors are responding accordingly. News/events related to the cryptocurrency suggest the sentiment is bullish, and market participants are optimistic about its outlook. $LINK is up by about 40% in the last 30 days, making it another profitable crypto coin like the fast-growing $GFOX.  Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is nearing its […]

GBTC outflows slow, signalling possible rebound; $GFOX set for major rally

Available data and expert submissions show Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trusts (GBTC) outflows are trending down, suggesting that the dumping spree may soon end. Although the outflow number is still considerably large, a rebound looks to be on the horizon for $BTC prices, and investors’ confidence is gradually returning. Galaxy Fox holders also expect a significant rally from […]

LINK pumps as market dumps; GFOX presale smashes $3 million mark

Market drawdowns are part and parcel of the bull market, and investors want to use these opportunities to spot frontrunners. Demand is waiting for dips if markets are dumping and tokens are performing well. These become the fastest movers in bullish conditions. Bidding strong altcoins today unlocks better gains tomorrow. Then what crypto can you […]

$115M Liquidated in 1 Hour as Crypto Market Plunges; $GFOX Presale Hits New All-Time High

The crypto market hasn’t had the best start to 2024. This has affected many altcoins, and investors are confused about the best cryptos to invest in. Reports show that the market experienced $115m liquidation in an hour, further decreasing the market’s total value. However, some altcoins still show positive prospects amidst this challenging period.  Experts […]

PEPE crashes as SUI pumps 40%; GFOX headed for $5M target

2024 began with many speculations about general market performance. While the global crypto market awaited the approval of the SEC on Bitcoin ETF, another central talking point in crypto circles was the rise and fall of memecoins.  Top on the list of memecoins that made a wave in 2023 was the $PEPE. However, the coin […]

$TIA Eyes Further Gains as $GFOX Presale Reaches Over $2.3 Million

$GFOX progress piques crypto enthusiasts’ interests, as $TIA eyes continued price pump If you’re looking for good investments, $TIA could be a good crypto to buy now. The token impressed with its year-end run, and the momentum has extended to the new year. $TIA is looking to keep up its run, and its future outlook […]

Top of the Swaps – Which ‘Swap’ is the Best DEX Coin? Can it Compete with $GFOX?

Over time, Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) have expanded due to their ability to provide users complete ownership over digital assets. Nonetheless, a lot of DEXs have native tokens just as centralized exchanges.  As a result, some of the most popular DEX coins that have ranked among the best cryptocurrency investment opportunities are Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and dYdx. […]

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