Baby Dogecoin is creating so much hype.It is the latest star of the meme coin market.

Only few days left to reach one year birthday.Baby doge coin was launched on June 1, 2021.

The coin saw a 1,000% price spike within just two weeks of its launch. By the third week, it had a market cap of a massive $200 million, and in the fourth week, there were 160,000 holders of the coin!!

BabyDoge was launched in the summer of 2021, and on 13 June, it was worth $0.000000000176. That incredibly small figure – not even 200 billionths of a cent – soon rose 44-fold, so that on 4 July, the coin was worth $0.000000007695, an all-time high!While the start of 2022 was a tough time for many cryptos, BabyDoge defied the critics and continued to grow, hitting a high of $0.000000006356 on 16 January, a rise of more than 230% over the course of the year.

The BabyDoge currency started 2022 with a value of $0.000000001908 per coin and has had several significant price oscillations.Still, the crypto is expected to finish the year strong, rising to over $0.00000000436 per token. The minimum estimate is not far off, coming in at $0.00000000402 per coin. However, the cryptocurrency is also capable of reaching the price of $0.00000000465!

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