What is Ape Protocol, which combines Artificial
Intelligence with the NFT world? How to acquire it?

Ape Protocol, is a platform that allows users to easily andmcreatively convert their digital assets into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). It stands out due to its user-friendly interface and powerful artificial intelligencealgorithms. Users can upload their desired files from theircomputers or smartphones and convert them into NFTsusing Ape Protocol. The platform offers flexibility withvarious file formats and aims to facilitate high-quality NFTproduction through AI integration.Ape Protocol’s website:

Ape Protocol:
provides a simple and intuitive interface that everyone
can easily use. Users can follow step-by-step instructions
to upload their files and witness the process of creating
Flexibility with file formats:
Ape Protocol offers users the flexibility to work with
various file formats. It supports commonly used formats
like PNG, JPEG, GIF, as well as vector-based formats.
AI Integration:

Ape Protocol utilizes powerful artificial intelligence
algorithms to ensure high-quality NFT production. The AI
analyzes the uploaded files, uses their content and data to
create unique NFTs. By working on color palettes,
patterns, compositions, and other features, the algorithms
produce captivating and original NFTs.
AI-supported NFT creation process:
Data preprocessing and analysis: The uploaded file
undergoes preprocessing to prepare it for AI algorithms.
Technical specifications like file size, resolution, and
format are examined. Additionally, the content of the file is
analyzed, and the necessary data for the proper
functioning of AI algorithms is extracted.
Application of AI algorithms: Ape Protocol employs
advanced AI techniques such as deep learning and image
processing. The algorithms analyze the content of the
uploaded file, recognize visual features, and use this
information to generate unique NFTs.
Saving the results as NFTs: The NFTs created by AI are
registered on the blockchain with a unique identity and
ownership record. Ape Protocol supports popular
blockchain platforms like Ethereum, enabling NFTs to
become tradable assets. Users can share their created
NFTs, offer them for sale, or store them in their digital
Advantages of Ape Protocol:
User experience and accessibility: Ape Protocol aims to
make NFT creation accessible to everyone by providing a
user-friendly interface. Even without technical expertise,
users can easily upload their files, convert them into NFTs
using artificial intelligence, and interact with the platform.
High-quality NFT creation: The integration of artificial
intelligence allows Ape Protocol to produce high-quality
and original NFTs. The analytical capabilities and visual
understanding of the algorithms enable users to create
attention-grabbing and valuable digital assets.
New opportunities for art and creativity: Ape Protocol
offers new opportunities for artists, designers, and creative
professionals. AI-based NFT creation enables innovative
creative processes, pushing the boundaries of traditional
art. Artists can convert their digital works into NFTs, reach
a broader audience, and engage in commercial
Ape Protocol’s potential and future:
Ape Protocol aims to enhance its potential by encouraging
community participation and collaboration. Users can
share their NFTs, comment on and appreciate others’
creations, fostering a sense of community. It also
promotes collaborative projects and enables the creation
of collective NFT collections, allowing users to work
together and expand their creative efforts.
New feature – ChatAPC:
Ape Protocol’s website introduces ChatAPC, an app tool
that works in the format of ChatGPT, providing answers to
all questions posed by users. Unlike other AI tools,
ChatAPC can handle both text and visual (PNG, JPEG,
JPG, GIF) software codes and JSON files. It can upload
and compile codes from these files, correct errors in the
provided codes, and create NFTs from the uploaded
images, all powered by artificial intelligence.

Ape Protocol Token (APC):
Ape Protocol Token has a total supply of 250,000,000
tokens. At the time of writing, based on Binance Smart
Chain data, it is present in 127 addresses and has been
transferred 183 times. For more up-to-date information, it
is advised to check BSC Scan.
Ape Protocol Token (APC) Pre-sale:
According to the information on the website, the pre-sale
price of APC Token on the BSC network is set at
1 APC = 0.023 USD, and it is possible to buy 10,869.00
APC with 1 BNB. The minimum listing price is reported to
be 0.35 USD.
You can find detailed information about the Ape Protocol
(APC) pre-sale here: https://presale.apeprotocol.xyz
How to acquire Ape Protocol Token:
To acquire Ape Protocol Token during the pre-sale, users
can follow the steps below:

  1. Have a MetaMask wallet and connect it to the
    Binance Smart Chain.
  2. Transfer BNB to the MetaMask wallet by copying the
    BEP20 (BSC) address.
  3. Access Ape Protocol’s pre-sale page and click on the
    “Wallet Connect” button.
  4. Follow the instructions to connect your MetaMask wallet
    to the pre-sale page.
  5. Enter the desired amount of BNB in the top section of
    the page, and the corresponding amount of APC Token
    will be displayed below.
  6. Proceed with the purchase following the on-screen
    Alternatively, there is an easier way to participate in the
    pre-sale through direct transfer. By sending BNB directly
    to the pre-sale address
    the algorithm automatically sends the equivalent amount
    of APC Token to the sending wallet.
    Please note that all addresses should be copied correctly,
    and it is advisable to start with small amounts for testing
    purposes if it’s your first time performing such
    For further information:
    Ape Protocol Website: https://apeprotocol.xyz
    Ape Protocol Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ape_Protocol
    Ape Protocol Telegram: https://t.me/APCannouncement
    Ape Protocol Whitepaper:

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