Key takeaways

  • Bitcoin has settled above the $26k level and could be heading towards the $27k resistance level soon.

  • Chancer’s stage two presale is now closing in on the $2 million mark.

The cryptocurrency market is having a positive week so far. The prices of most cryptocurrencies are up by 2% since the start of the week and could record further gains in the near term.

Chancer’s presale continues to break new records and is now closing in on the $2 million mark.

Bitcoin eyes the $27k resistance level

Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is having a positive week so far. BTC has added more than 2% to its value over the past few days. At press time, the price of Bitcoin stands at $26,283.

The positive performance comes despite FTX gaining approval to sell its crypto assets and the rising inflation levels in the United States. Bitcoin’s positive performance also saw some altcoins like Solana and Toncoin rally higher over the past few days. 

What is Chancer?

The broader crypto market has performed well so far this week, and this has been reflected in some projects still in their presale. Chancer is one of the projects that is breaking records with its presale.

Chancer is a Web3 project designed to decentralise the betting ecosystem. The project seeks to build a web3 peer-to-peer (P2P) custom betting platform that allows users to place bets on a wide range of events, including custom-made ones. According to their whitepaper, bets on the platform can be live-streamed to ensure transparency. 

The team explained that Chancer will be a decentralised online gaming platform and will improve the current services offered by traditional sports and casino betting platforms. On Chancer, there would be no restrictions on events users can bet on. Chancer users can bet on any event, even ones they make up themselves. 

The project is currently in its presale and has raised a significant amount so far. The funds generated from the various presale rounds would be used in building Chancer’s decentralised P2P betting platform. 

The platform is expected to have exciting features, including betting markets in real time and based on user interests, social media connections, and expertise. In addition to that, Chancer users can launch custom P2P betting markets, allowing other users to bet on their events and games. 

Chancer’s second presale closes in on $2 million

Chancer seeks to raise $2.5 million from its second presale stage. At the moment, the project has raised $1.951 million in this stage and is slowly closing in on the $2 million mark. 

According to the Chancer team, there would be 12 presale events, with a combined target of $15 million. In this second stage, CHANCER, the native token of the ecosystem, is going for $0.011 per token, with the price set to increase to $0.012 in the third presale round.

The CHANCER token would power the Chancer ecosystem, allowing users to carry out a wide range of activities. Token holders can create custom P2P betting events on the platform and can also bet on markets created by others. 

At the moment, CHANCER is not available on cryptocurrency exchanges. The token can be purchased via the official Chancer website. To purchase the CHANCER token, simply connect any supported wallets to the presale link. Trust Wallet, MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and Rainbow are some supported wallets. 

Visit the Chancer website to get more information about the presale. 

Should you buy CHANCER tokens at this stage?

Chancer is in its stage two presale, and this could be an excellent time to invest in the project. The token is going for $0.011, and its price would increase to $0.012 in the third presale stage.

Historically, the best time to invest in Web3 projects is during their presale. During the presale stage, the tokens can only be purchased by a limited number of investors, and their prices are usually low. 

With the right level of adoption, Chancer could become an exciting Web project. Decentralising the betting ecosystem could be a big win for the Chancer team in the medium to long term. 

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